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Could households support energy transition and provide flexibility?

A successful energy transition will require the active participation of households in Luxembourg!

The grid operators are challenged by the integration of fluctuating renewable energy sources and will need to find smart solutions to prepare the grid for the shift towards electromobility. But not only energy providers, grid operators and large energy consumers, such as industries, can contribute to a successful energy transition. Also households can actively support the change towards a cleaner energy system: Besides the implementation of energy saving measures, the installation of heat pumps and photovoltaic systems, the households of the future can support this transition by providing flexibility to the grid operators. By the flexible adaptation of the electricity demand in households or an adapted behaviour for charging electric vehicles, the grid operator will be able to optimize the use of its grid capacity.

A successful energy transition will require the active participation of energy consumers in order to provide flexibility to the grid when necessary, and consumers should also profit from it.

But the potential of this flexibility is currently unknown (at a local level) and depends on technical aspects, user behaviour and economic factors. The open questions are how much households could provide and how to enable and motivate them?


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