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Welcome to the FlexBeAn Project - Assessing Flexibility Options for energy transition

FlexBeAn - "Flexibility potentials and user Behaviour Analysis"

Our energy system is within a transition process, facing the challenge of integrating high proportions of fluctuating renewable energy sources into the distribution grid. Additionally, the rapidly progressing electrification of sectors such as heating and mobility and the resulting increased  demand for heat pumps and electric vehicles, requires smart solutions. Using flexibility on the energy demand side is going to be a one of the keys to enable this transition. The assessment of flexibility potentials in Luxembourg, from different perspectives, is the objective of the FlexBeAn project and the ambition of its three partners.

Flexibility could in the future be provided from versatile sources, such as heat pumps in private households, large scale industrial installations as well as office buildings, to name a few. Please follow the links below to learn more how you could participate and profit from the project:

  • Learn how you, as a private household, could support the project by sharing smart meter data with us and getting insights into your energy consumption! Or answer our survey and provide us feedback on how you could be motivated to provide flexibility for the energy transition.
  • As an Industry: start an exchange with us on your energy demands and related processes and get feedback on your flexibility options and the potential cost savings.
  • See how you, as SMEs or company from the service sector, could use existing assets, e.g. in your buildings, to provide flexibility and reduce energy costs.