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Actively support the energy transition in Luxembourg by sharing your smart meter data

- Join the research project FlexBeAn -

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the University of Luxembourg (Security & Trust [SNT]) have teamed up with CREOS Luxembourg S.A. to assess the potential of flexibility today and in the near future. By sharing your electricity consumption data with these public research organisations for the duration of the FlexBeAn project, you would enable this analysis.

What is in for me? How do I profit from this service?

Besides your active support of the energy transition, you will get access to our smart meter data platform, which is currently under development and will soon provide you versatile functionalities:

  • Access your electricity consumption data and analyse them via personal dashboards. See daily-, monthly-, or yearly- sums or check out the full time series data.
  • Get insight into our analysis of your data, incl. “Load Disaggregation”, which enables you to identify the energy consumption of specific devices in your home.
  • Download your data for further usage or your individual analysis!

… more to come.

Further, we will give you insights in our current research at a later stage.

What will be done with my data?

Your electricity consumption data will be analysed, in pseudonomyzed form*, to identify the usage of specific devices. The objective is to estimate when and how often particular devices are consuming energy, to be able to better model the available flexibility from such devices. Those devices could be heat pumps, fridges, washing machines or dish washers, but also the charging of electric cars.
For any concerns regarding data protection of your private data, please visit our privacy notice.
* "pseudonomized form" means that no clear names are accesible by our researchers, but your data will be stored under an ID number.

How could I participate in the Smarty+ campaign?

Prerequisite for your participation is the “smarty+ Dongle” which you would need to connect to your smart meter. You can buy the “smarty+ Dongle” in LetzShop: direct link to LetzShop

Or inform yourself about smarty+ via the grid operators dedicated website:

You have your Smarty+ dongle already set up and linked to the smarty+ app? Perfect! Then you should create an account on our smart meter data platform and follow the instructions to get the smarty+ service activated in the smarty+ app. Our Activation Process has 4 basic steps:

  1. Set up your account (define user name and password)
  2. Read and accept our privacy notice
  3. Answer the basic questionnaire to optimize the insights you can expect from the analysis of your smart meter data
  4. Activate the connection to the smarty+ app via the activation code (you will need to choose our service on the marketplace of the smarty+ app and activate it)

That’s it … thanks for supporting the energy transition in Luxemburg and providing data for our research!