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How could the tertiary sector or small & medium size enterprises provide flexibility?

You are a SME or a company from the tertiary sector (service sector), wondering about your potential contribution to the energy transition?

Every energy consuming business has potential to adapt it's energy consumption profile to provide flexibility. But talking about small and medium sized enterprises, reaching from craftsmen and smaller producing businesses, to the service sector, involving banking, insurances or engineering and healthcare, the range of business becomes very wide.


What are typical flexibility assets in that sector?

Given the diversity of the businesses in that field, the processes and energy consuming devices are versatile. In order to focus on processes that can be found in several of the concerned companies, the project will assess flexibility potentials for specific general purpose technologies.

Some examples are given below: 

  • Cooling (e.g. food retailing & hotels & restaurants)
  • Cold storage
  • Cooling (processes)
  • Building ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Building heating
  • Water pumping
  • (waste) water treatment

At a later stage of this project, we will analyze the flexibility potentials in this sector. If you are interested in the topic, do not hesitate to get back to us: